Remembering Ron de Salvo

Remembering Ron de Salvo

  • Michael Nourmand
  • 07/7/23

I remember my first showing with Ron De Salvo circa 2003. I was still in college when he showed my lease listing at the Century Towers and I was excited to meet him. He pulled up in his old Mercedes sporting a vintage hairstyle and he did not have a cell phone. He had great style and was not concerned about being trendy or the latest technology.

He befriended me the day I met him and treated me like we were contemporaries even though he was an industry titan, and I was just starting my career. He was charming, genuine, and understated.

During his illustrious career, he managed to do a deal with my dad, my mom, and me which makes me happy. And I know he did a deal with hundreds of other agents too.

He was the consummate professional and a gentleman. Everyone loved him and he will be dearly missed.


Michael Nourmand

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