Register to the LA County Assessor's Property Owner e-Notification Alert System

Register to the LA County Assessor's Property Owner e-Notification Alert System

  • Staff
  • 03/10/23

What is the Property Owner e-Notification Alert?

The Property Owner e-Notification Alert (e-Notification) is a modernization of the County's existing "Enhanced Homeowner Notification Program." The purpose of this program is to promptly inform property owners by email of recorded activities on registered properties. Currently, the Registrar-Recorder will, within 30-days, mail a copy of a Grant Deed, Quit Claim Deed, Deed of Trust, or, within 5-days, mail a copy of a Notice of Default, or Notice of Sale to the property owner upon its recordation. The recording includes a "yellow" and "blue" sheet, which contain an explanation of the notification program. Contact information for the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs is included, and this agency should be contacted if the recording activity seems suspicious or assistance is needed.

In addition to receiving paper copies via US mail, as the property owner, you can also opt-in for email notifications. Once you register, an email will be sent within 48-hours of any recordation on your propety and will include a statement advising you of the recording on your property, and the following information:

1.    Assessor Identification Number (AIN)

2.    Document Number

3.    Recording Date

4.    Document Title

If you have any questions about the notification you received, or suspect a recording activity noticed is suspicious, contact the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs at (800) 593-8222, or by email at [email protected].

How do I enroll in the Property Owner e-Notification?

To enroll in Property Owner e-Notification Alert, you will need to create a profile on the Los Angeles County Assessor's portal - Register Here! (Please select Opt-In for AIN/Recorded Document email notification)

Once you have created an account, log in to the portal and select "Property Owner e-Notification Alerts" on the landing page. Enter your AIN (Assessor Identification Number) on the "Property Owner e-Notification Registration" page and select "Add." Once you have added your AIN to your account, you will begin to receive electronic notifications when a document is recorded with your linked AIN. If you don't know your AIN, use the Property Search Tool. You may repeat this step to register other properties on your account.

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