Introducing Luxury Women to Watch 2023 — Luxury Daily

Introducing Luxury Women to Watch 2023 — Luxury Daily

  • Mickey Alam Khan
  • 10/11/22

Luxury Daily annually honors smart women executives who show the potential to make a difference next year in the luxury business. This year’s list features 26 honorees who have set ambitious goals to achieve in a luxury market that, while growing, is also challenged by continued fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic and rapid changes in consumer behavior and technology.

The Luxury Women to Watch 2023 roster includes executives from brands, retailers, agencies, media and design firms, among others. Please read through their responses below to get a sense of their 2023 strategy.

Judging process
Picking the 26 smartest women this year with potential was not easy. Readers were invited to send in their nominations. The Luxury Daily team also had its own table of candidates.

Once the deadline expired, the Luxury Daily team judged the nominees on their merits and whittled the list to those who showed the most promise to push the luxury envelope in 2023.

All judging was based purely on merit and potential to make a difference.

Many thanks as well to those readers who took the time to nominate candidates.

Please read this report from first entry to last, listed alphabetically by honoree's last name. These Luxury Women to Watch are set to distinguish themselves even further in 2023, and raise standards even higher in the luxury business.

Myra Nourmand

Nourmand & Associates

Beverly Hills, CA

“In a soft market, the brokers who truly know the business are the ones who are going to shine”


What do you like most about your job?
There is always something new around the corner. Every phone call is an opportunity to meet someone new and work with them.


What is the biggest challenge in your work?
There is never enough time. Everybody gets 24 hours and you have to be organized and focused to fit in all the showings, marketing, advertising and socializing.


What is your work priority for 2023?
To continue to stay in touch with all my previous clients and friends. To continue on the same path.

I am so blessed, I cannot complain. Business is always a good and I want to find a way to continue serving the people I have worked for in the past 35-plus years.


What is your proudest achievement in luxury?
I have sold some of the most iconic homes and represented some of the most amazing clientele.


How do you see luxury evolving in 2023?
I think there is going to be a correction in the market. It is already starting.

I sell more in the worst market because that's when agents are really able to hone in on their skills.

In a soft market, the brokers who truly know the business are the ones who are going to shine.

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