Larry Gillis


Meet Larry


Originally from South Africa, Larry has lived in Los Angeles for 25 years and is familiar with all areas of LA through his 23 years of property management experience. 

Larry specializes in the purchase and sale of residential income properties, single-family homes, and condominiums. His vast experience in the income property field ranges from properties with two to two hundred units. 

Larry's background and extensive experience with income-producing properties make Larry uniquely qualified to assist buyers and sellers assess all aspects of a property. From determining a property's financial viability to the intricacies of determining accurate income and expense ratios and the maintenance and management after the property acquisition, Larry's knowledge and experience are invaluable assets to his clients. 

Larry is fiercely loyal, passionate, and dedicated to every facet of his business and his life. Larry is a husband and father of 2 girls. His multiple hobbies include golf, tennis, and soccer.