Konstantine Valissarakos


Meet Konstantine

Historic & Architectural Estates

Konstantine Valissarakos boasts a notable career that spans 30 years, including the Founding Agent and Associate Manager for a Los Feliz brokerage and now as an agent with Nourmand & Associates. Growing up in a family that restored significant landmark properties in Seattle and Los Angeles shaped his career and why he is known for selling some of the Southern California’s most notable properties by architects such as Greene & Greene, Pierpoint & Walter Davis, Paul Williams, A.F. Leicht, Rudolf Schindler and Wallace Neff.

Over the course of his career, Konstantine has built a strong global portfolio of high net-worth clientele, having sold over $1 billion in real estate, with an emphasis on historically and architecturally significant estates in Beachwood Canyon, Bronson Canyon, and Los Feliz. He has been recognized in global and entertainment publications and has been consistently awarded for his top-level production, placing him in the top 1% of agents nationwide. 

An artful marriage of an exacting presentation, staging, thorough and specific marketing, and a precision approach to showing and selling fine homes and estates are all hallmarks of what Konstantine does best. His style is geared toward an artful blend of presentation, talented negotiation, and a successful close. 

Konstantine’s passion for real estate restoration has been a long and storied career; mixed with his design aesthetic, he regularly assists clients in the design changes to bring their properties best qualities forward, including great staging, as this is integral to the emotional appeal of the property to achieve its highest and best price possible. His listings sell for an average of 7.4% more in dollars per square foot than his competition, and he has consistently set the bar for large sales in the markets he serves.

Konstantine’s unique approach to real estate is his intuitive, yet impressively accurate, valuation of a home. He is very in tune with the emotional impact of properties and how that drives buyers’ decisions. He focuses on meticulously staging his listings with designs specific to the area and audience. Knowing just how buyers will perceive a property allows his uncanny confidence in their willingness to pay. Konstantine does not view selling and buying homes as a business, but as a passion, and he serves his clients best by the extra attention he provides to each listing and the extra value he obtains for them.

Konstantine’s impeccable taste, love of design and enthusiasm for architecture made the move to Nourmand & Associates a seamless and natural transition. Konstantine’s three decades of sales and restorations experience combines flawlessly with the four decades of luxury real estate experience in the Los Angeles market that Nourmand & Associates provides.

“The caring and meticulous attention to detail consistently delivered at Nourmand to their clientele makes me honored and excited to be joining the brokerage with its legacy of experienced, high quality agents,” says Konstantine.