Gina Isaac


Meet Gina

I am an authentic, seasoned agent with the moxie and resourcefulness that make me the right Realtor® for you.

I have been helping people in the City of Angels buy and sell homes since 2004. My family and I have lived in the Los Feliz and Silver Lake communities for over 60 years. I went to school in Los Feliz and attended California State University, Los Angeles, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in the Music Business.

As a client, you will receive unrivaled representation throughout the entire process. I will always meet you with an enthusiastic attitude and an unceasing moxie to meet your unique needs. I also provide greater insight than most to the ins and outs of Los Angeles. As a native Angeleno who grew up in Los Feliz and still lives in Los Feliz, I know L.A. very well. I use my market insight, broad contract knowledge, and superior negotiation skills to successfully close deals.

Over the years I have witnessed L.A.’s transformation, continual growth and endless opportunities. This remarkable city is my home and I can’t wait to help you be a part of it.