Eric Smilay


Meet Eric


Eric Smilay has achieved a tremendous amount in the world of Los Angeles real estate since his arrival in 2005. He has successfully closed tens of millions of dollars in a short time for both satisfied buyers & sellers; including garnering record setting prices for past owner clients. Eric is very knowledgeable about the city, and has closed transactions from Santa Clarita to Hollywood to Venice to Long Beach and everything in between. I love making the deal on behalf of my clients, and I go where the deals they want are, says Smilay. Although a naturally skilled deal maker, it is Erics level of service and commitment to his clients that stands out the most; No matter how many clients I may be actively working with, I always make each one feel as if they are my only one. For my clients, I am always available. Before entering into the real estate field, Eric graduated with a Sociology degree and Sports Management minor from the University of California Santa Barbara and began his professional career in the Robinsons Mays Executive Training Program as an Assistant Buyer. He instantly made a name for himself as a smart businessman and tough negotiator. Before leaving to pursue his Real Estate interests, Eric was in charge of a $20 million division of the multi-billion dollar company and turned it into one of the most profitable businesses throughout all May divisions across the nation. Several past Vice Presidents and colleagues of his former company have since requested Erics services to sell or buy their properties since obtaining his California Real Estate license. As a current and active resident in the Los Angeles community, Eric Smilays integrity and knack for closing deals has been proven in an ultra-competitive market, and it is this skill set that will continue to make him successful.