Connie De Groot


Meet Connie

Agent, Broker Associate

Widely recognized for her expertise, Connie has appeared since 2007 as an industry commentator on numerous TV news programs, addressing market trends and breaking housing news. Connie has been asked to respond to Warren Buffett’s comments on housing and appeared alongside Senators and industry leaders. She has provided comments for CNN, NBC, CBS, Fox, HGTV, and local stations, as well as the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Los Angeles Business Journal, Woman’s World, In Touch Weekly, and Life & Style Weekly.

Connie started her real estate career in Beverly Hills with the No. 1 national brokerage firm, in their No. 1 office. Within 3 years, she rose to the top 1% of Realtors® nationwide. She made her name turning situations around for her clients, taking previously unsuccessfully listed properties, and selling them profitably.

What sets Connie apart from other Realtors® is the time and dedication she gives to her clients. She knows that negotiations happen at every point of contact with potential sellers, and never delegates client contact to others. She lives her life by the philosophy "When you hire Connie, you get Connie."

In the past few years, Connie has added something very special to her service: she now renovates her clients' homes before putting them on the market. She brings her team to the property, obtains bids, assists in negotiating, and oversees the almost-daily work until it is completed. This makes it easy for the homeowner.

Most importantly, this service has resulted in almost immediate offers, as well as multiple offers. These outcomes even happen with properties that have sat on the market for long periods.