Tertulien Thomas


Meet Tertulien

I have been in the real estate business since 2005. It started with me assisting my parents relocate after their retirement, which sparked something in me and piqued my interest. However, growing up in Connecticut exposed me to many lush estates and gardens causing me to be intrigued even more.

In 2011 when I moved to  Hollywood to live out my dream as an actor I continued to nurture my passion for real estate by doing referrals, which led me to managing luxury vacation rentals in the Beverly Hills and Bel Air areas, to wholesaling and investment real estate. 

As a result of this hands-on experience, I have a seasoned approach and perspective on the luxury real estate market in Los Angeles. My abilities, knowledge, and expertise allow me to service your real estate exigencies. 

When I’m not keeping busy with showings and escrow, I do spiritual work, go out for auditions, and am also a vocalist at MoreHouse Records.

In The News

White-gloved client service, ingenious marketing strategies, scrupulous business practices and record-breaking deals.