Sonya Coke


Meet Sonya

Sonya Coke is the founder of HOUS, a real estate agent, a lover of wine, and a Dwell magazine devotee.

She began her career in real estate shortly after graduating from UCLA. She ended her first year receiving the Rookie of the Year award and, throughout her career, continues to be recognized for her achievements. She credits her success to her human, non-salesy approach. 

Spending her formative years in London, England, growing up in a multi-cultural environment, and traveling have all allowed Sonya to relate to a variety of people, ranging from architects to artists, CEOs to contractors. 

Selling over 100 residences, Sonya understands the value of beautiful homes, which is why she showcases the best examples on the market, offering a curated home search for buyers who prioritize quality and good design first. 

The story of every home she represents comes to life with magazine-quality photography and detailed editorial, highlighting not just the size and location of your home but the details that make your home special.

Sonya does all of this with a small team of Christmas elves tinkering away behind the scenes. Just kidding. She has a sense of humor, and while she takes her work seriously, she strives to make the process fun and enjoyable.