Sima Collins


Meet Sima

Sima is a knowledgeable and adept real estate agent who focuses on selling houses, condos, and income properties in Los Angeles. Sima prides herself on going the extra mile in order to provide her clients with the top-quality service they seek.

Having lived all over Los Angeles for over 20 years, mostly based in Brentwood, she specializes in and is constantly up to date on properties on the west side. She focuses on finding the exact right fit for her clientele and won't rest until she does so.

Sima's past experience also includes finance and loans, which has resulted in a strong background in negotiation and in creating the best deals to save her clients money. She has always had a passion for art and fashion and has a keen eye for minimalist and quality design.

In her free time, Sima enjoys giving back to the community and volunteers with non-profit organizations that help homeless teenagers and single parents.