Mohammed Sabbah


Meet Mohammed

Los Angeles, California is a city like no other, and it takes a seasoned Angeleno to guide you to the best real estate opportunities. With over eight years of dedicated experience in the real estate industry, Mohammed Sabbah has become a trusted expert in the Los Angeles housing market. From the iconic streets of Hollywood to the charming neighborhoods of San Fernando Valley and West Hollywood, Mohammed's expertise spans much of LA.

As a Realtor, Mohammed has successfully served a diverse range of clients, from individuals seeking their dream homes to savvy investors looking for profitable opportunities. His portfolio includes assisting clients in purchasing multi-family properties for both personal use and rental income, showcasing his versatility and adaptability in the real estate arena. He thrives on new and exciting challenges, making him the go-to professional for anyone seeking a real estate adventure in Los Angeles.
Mohammed's journey in the real estate world was sparked by the profound experience of buying his first home. This pivotal moment ignited a genuine passion for the real estate business and a commitment to helping others find their perfect homes. His love for what he does is evident in his unwavering dedication to providing top-notch customer service and maintaining the highest level of integrity throughout every transaction.
A graduate of Cal State Northridge with a Bachelor's degree in business law, Mohammed possesses a unique blend of legal knowledge and real estate expertise. This background equips him with exceptional negotiation skills, ensuring the best possible outcomes for his clients.
Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mohammed enjoys a rich family life in Lake Balboa, one of the hidden gems of San Fernando Valley. You can often spot him at the Black Heart Coffee shop, where he finds inspiration and connects with the local community. When he's not working or at his favorite coffee spot, you can catch him at the Balboa Golf Courses or the driving range with his wife, Jamie, and their three wonderful children—a lively toddler, an 18-month-old bundle of joy, and their teenage son. Together, they embrace the endless possibilities that Southern California has to offer.

In a place as dynamic and diverse as Los Angeles, you need a Realtor who understands the unique opportunities and lifestyle this city presents. Mohammed Sabbah is your local expert, committed to helping you make the most of your real estate journey in the City of Angels.