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John Charles

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John Charles Meyer spent his 20s toiling in the Washington DC political media trenches of several major campaigns, including Clinton/Gore '96, Gore/Lieberman '00, Bloomberg '01, and Kerry/Edwards '04. After moving to Los Angeles in his early 30s, he found work as an actor in dozens of films and TV series. In 2015, he produced two feature films for which he raised combined budgets of more than $500,000, oversaw payroll and insurance coverage for more than 100 employees and contractors, and negotiated hundreds of contracts with investors, crew, rental houses, permitting organizations, distributors, and even the National Park Service. He lives in Glendale, California with his wife Jennifer Eckert (who recruited him to Nourmand) and two kids.

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White-gloved client service, ingenious marketing strategies, scrupulous business practices and record-breaking deals.