Carson Turner


Meet Carson

Finding the perfect home is a work of art, both in the hunt and in the actual home and property. Knowing everything one needs to know and do in selling your work of art comes from skilled experience in design, architecture, logistics, and negotiation. Buying and selling Real Estate.

Carson has been adeptly achieving these necessary demands by accumulating and photographing houses and architecture as a Location Scout as well as supervising all the logistical details of film production as an award-winning Location Manager in blockbuster movies and commercials for almost 30 years; often working with the most notable and discerning clients. Summarily, Film Productions working on location often require multiple Real Estate transactions including all mandatory city and governmental permits.

Educated at Pepperdine University with a BA in Journalism and Psychology minor, Carson began his professional career as the head Photographer for the school’s newspaper. He conjointly lived & worked in Germany and Italy where he learned both languages and expanded his photography career as a Photojournalist based in Hamburg, Germany.

Subsequently, Carson has Scouted & Managed hundreds of commercials for every Advertising Market Segment which also led to 3 nominations and 1 California On Location Award (COLA) as Location Manager of the Year for Toyota Tundra commercials in 2007.

Having grown up here in the Los Angeles Southland, Carson has known, worked, and studied practically every neighborhood in LA, Orange, Ventura, and surrounding counties. He has lived in Malibu, Calabasas, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Hollywood, and Silver Lake, where he bought his 1st house/duplex in 1992, and currently lives in Chevy Chase Canyon in Glendale.

Carson earned his Real Estate license as the pandemic hit, but his close work with his wife, Kimberly, a Real Estate agent for 35 years, kept him informed and insightful regarding the LA real estate market for the last 30-plus years. He is also the Real Estate Photographer for all of Kimberly’s listings.

Carson has been photographing the world, people & architecture for over 50 years. He is excited and proud to be part of, and introduce clients to, the Nourmand family.

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