Matthew Luigi Stasi

Matthew Luigi

Meet Matthew Luigi

Born and raised in Iowa, Matt Stasi learned the value of hard work, perseverance, and loyalty from his first-generation Italian-American father. The epitome of the true American Dream, Matt’s father started a successful Italian restaurant in their hometown, which he owned and operated for 57 years and grew to seat over 400 guests. From his mother, Matt learned to appreciate beauty in the world and the determination to follow his dreams, and the importance of treating people from all walks of life with the same dignity and respect that he would hope for in return.

With these strengths gained from his parents, Matt made the move to Los Angeles 21 years ago to pursue his creative endeavors. Matt has experience in front of and behind the camera, having made a career out of playing bad guys on shows like NCIS: Los Angeles, CSI: Miami, and 90210 and then segueing his experience to behind the camera as a successful photographer.

Armed with just basic photography equipment, a small budget, and a big will to succeed, Matt quickly became one of the most notable portrait photographers in Los Angeles. An avid lover of rock, blues, and country, Matt also shoots live music photography for well-known national music publications.

With an arsenal of creative talent behind him, Matt brings a unique set of skills and an artistic eye to his real estate business. He also brings with him the traits learned from his parents, including the ability to always work hard for, listen to, and over-deliver for your clients. Matt will go above and beyond to fulfill the needs of his clients to ensure the smoothest transactions and best real estate experience possible.

During his free time, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife Bylle (pronounced Billie), attending concerts, and hanging out with their pup-children, a chihuahua named Lucy and a pitbull named Roscoe.