Lewanne Elwes


Meet Lewanne


Leanne Elwes grew up in a family that enjoyed buying homes, fixing them up, and then re-selling them for a profit. She majored in Fine Arts at SMU in Dallas and, after college, went on to work for a high-end art gallery. She started her own business in 2000 managing her husband's career as an artist.

Leanne became more and more interested in real estate as she began placing artwork in some of the most beautiful and prestigious homes in the city. After designing and building a studio for her husband and renovating their home in Santa Monica, she realized that her passion for finding, renovating, and selling homes could no longer be denied.

She has an innate talent for listening to her clients and understanding what they need. She knows Los Angeles and the surrounding areas very well and is extremely organized and good at making people feel comfortable and secure during the process of finding a house. Moreover, she's a tough negotiator and knows the art of the deal.