Caith Wright


Meet Caith

Yes, my name is Caith, like faith with a C! 
Caith brings forth a dynamic perspective of the market. Being immersed in the industry since she came into the world, her roots lay in Southern California while her upbringing took place in Northern California. She attended UCLA, obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Environmental Systems and Society in 2019.
Her parent's luxury architectural business, founded in Beverly Hills in the 1980's, is how Caith developed her passion for luxury real estate. The intrinsic value of property is what motivates Caith. Her enthusiasm for seeking out investments for buyer and seller clientele pays homage to her drive and consciousness of market trends, area susceptibility, home design, development opportunity, and global influence.
Los Angeles' ambitious nature sparks Caith's inner-child. Having a background in competitive sports including swimming, soccer, dance, and lacrosse, where her lacrosse career ended after 4 years of play at UCLA. Her abundance mindset and philosophy of "you give life to what you give energy to," prompts Caith to live in direct action. She believes success is a result of efficiency, transparency, and self advocacy.